When did you get this Tall?
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Growth is what happens when you’re not looking.

How do we know when we’ve grown? We do not see the process happening, it’s like one day you’re a baby and the next thing you know, you’re a toddler running around and throwing words and sentences around. When did the growing happen?

We grow every day, even if we don’t see it. No one can say how a tree stretches out from just a little seed buried in the ground to become a huge tree with roots spread out in the ground, branches stretching out in different directions with fruits hanging down from them. No one sees the sprouting process, but we know that growth has taken place because what we planted has now become a tree with leaves and fruits hanging from it.

So yes you are growing, you have been on this path for a really long time and it might feel like nothing is happening, but if you will take the time to look back at the person you were at the beginning of the year, you will see that growth has taken place. You will realize that you have learned and unlearned certain things, you have started to master that skill that you were working at, and you no longer struggle to stay awake when you need to even if it is way past your bedtime. It is not magic, you grew, you stayed the course and the results are showing all you need to do is look closer, not through the lenses of other people, but through your own lenses without comparison to any other person.

Now that you have thought about it and hopefully seen the progress you’ve made, I hope that you are inspired to keep going, I hope that you are determined to not give up because while you were beating yourself up about what you have yet to achieve, growth was happening.

Keep striving for greatness, you are on your way already.


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