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what is your dream?
What is your Dream?
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"I Have a Dream"
Sounds familiar right? I mean even if you don't know what comes next, you definitely know who made the speech with that title.
Martin Luther King Jr was a Civil Rights activist and a Pastor who believed in non-violent protests to bring about a change in America. He lived what he preached and was fearless in speaking the truth he believed. Eventually, he gained hundreds of thousands of followers who followed his teachings and of course his example. Unfortunately, almost 5 years after the famous speech he was assassinated.
We're not here to tell you all about MLK. You can read about him online. However, there is so much to be learned from him and from his message. What is your dream, and how far are you willing to go to achieve it? We need to constantly ask this question if we are going to become phenomenal in any way. MLK was willing to die for his message and he unfortunately did. You might not be a revolutionary or an activist but you might have a dream that can put you on the map but maybe you're sleeping on it. Your energy level is low probably because it seems like no one is paying attention. Well, if you give up now then you will never know how far your dreams can take you. So today make up your mind to chase your dreams. Do whatever you must as long as it is legal and morally right to achieve them.
Always put your best foot forward and keep going. Remember that there will always be distractions, but no matter what, let your dreams take priority.


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