Gender Equality and Human Capital Development
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Gender Equality and Human Capital Development.


Will gender equality, especially across developing countries improve the effort toward human capital development? 


For a very long time now the need for gender equality and involvement of women in various sectors of the economy has been a matter of debate. This of course was born out of the demand for equality by women. Some women grew up with the mentality that they can not be included in important sectors of the society.


At Phenomenal, we see the potential in everyone and that includes both genders. This is the imperative of our Human Capital Project: to help countries invest more effectively in their people, to build the human capital that enables people, families, and countries to prosper. We are partnering with countries to make larger, smarter, and more strategic investments in their people


In today’s world, women may not always realize their potential due to poor human capital but with a little investment and effort channeled towards the growth of these individuals, they have a direct route to success. In our effort to promote human capital development, Phenomenal organizes club meetings to encourage the potential in every member regardless of gender and constantly remind members of the value they possess. By doing this, value in them is brought out, unleashing them to a world of possibilities. 


Girls and women have the right to education, engage in civil society, and serve on boards with equal pay. Investing in a woman and giving her a voice, is investing in the society. If more attention is dedicated to women, there will great improvement to the human capital deficiency problem, especially across Africa. In a world where two genders are recognized, equal rights in handling the affairs of the state should be given to both without sentiments.  


At a protest that was held on Tuesday at the National Assembly in Abuja and Lagos, in regards to the rejection of the gender equality bill, Kadaria Ahmed, director of Radio Now 95.3FM told Aljazeera at the Lagos protest mentioned that, ‘You cannot deny 50 percent of your population the chance to govern themselves to make laws and policies for themselves and expect that the country will make progress.’ 


Regarding the statement made above by Ahmed, I believe inequality will continue to cause developing countries to lag in most areas, which will lead to economic growth and development. Empowering women and giving them a voice is a way of helping the society and in turn, promoting human capital development.


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