Passion And Productivity
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In the past we have been told to only pursue our passion, do what we are passionate about and we will achieve success. It has been hammered into our minds so much that we are constantly on a quest to find what our passion is and even refuse to take on certain responsibilities and pass up opportunities because they do not look like the things we are passionate about. Now don’t get me wrong, we are not saying that going after your passion is wrong, no that is not it; what it is though is that you can develop a passion for something that you did not know you could be passionate about and what leads to that passion is the hunger for productivity.

The average man seeks relevance in some way, we all want to do something worthwhile with our lives, nobody wants to be a nonentity and that is why we wake up every morning, go to school, get involved with certain extracurricular activities, and develop certain habits all in a bid to find our paths in life. This hunger for productivity can be referred to as our drive, our motivation, a need to do something that outlives us. Here, we are looking at the relationship between passion and productivity and how we can leverage both to achieve our individual goals.

It is important to note that, the easiest way to be productive is to become passionate about whatever you are doing, it does not matter what it is that you do, if you want to stand out and be efficient and effective at it, you have to be passionate about it especially if you are getting paid to do it. The secret here is the fact that when you are passionate about the work that you do even if it is not the most exciting job on the planet, you will learn discipline and build a habit or a set of habits that will make you stand out anywhere in the world. Below are a few tips on ways to become passionate in whatever you do:

  • Be Punctual; always be on time, this simple habit will get you a good start to your day because it eliminates the anxiety that comes with hurrying and tardiness. When you show up on time every day, you give yourself time to prepare and plan for the day ahead, this will in turn help you stay in a good mood all day.
  • Be Willing to Learn; no one knows everything, not even Elon Musk with all of his achievements knows everything. Even if you have many years of experience in a field, approach everything with a sense of newness because you might learn something new from someone or something that you did not know had anything to offer. This attitude makes work exciting because learning something new is elating for your mind; do not lose your sense of wonderment even when topics that you find boring are being discussed because it never hurts to learn a new thing.
  • Research: When you find yourself in uncharted waters, the best way to approach is to do your homework. Research as much as you can about the new phenomenon you are now faced with; you will be surprised at some of the things you will find. The beauty of research is that the more you dig the more things you will find and our naturally inquisitive nature will most of the time want to see the end of the matter. This is a great way to develop a passion.
  • Learn to have fun with it: This one might sound strange but it is true and it works. When you treat your work as your playground, it makes it exciting and opens up your imagination especially if you are a Creative. Learn to laugh at yourself sometimes and learn from your failures so that you can start again with a clear mind. Know when to go and when to stop, understand the territory you are in to prepare your game plan accordingly.

These four steps will help you develop a passion for what you do even if it is your least favorite thing in the world, and once you develop passion, you will become more productive. Now on the flip side, if you try all these and still you find that you are struggling because of certain factors, then it is time to switch jobs to avoid getting frustrated altogether.

Leave your comments below and let us know how you think passion and productivity are linked and if you have tried our prescribed methods to become more passionate about your job and whether it worked or not. See you next time.


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