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the price of greatness
The Price of Greatness
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So you think that you have what it takes to be truly great? Well how come no one knows who you are? How come you don't act like it?


You see in life there are two kinds of people, those who make it and those who don't. There is enough room at the top for everyone but not everyone gets to the top. Doesn't that make you wonder? Doesn't it make you think about what the difference is between those who make it and those who don't? In case you've never wondered, we are here to do it for you, so that maybe you can have a mindset shift.


Many people, in fact 90% of the world's population dream of greatness. Everyone wants to be good at something, people want to be recognized as important and influential. This desire is completely normal and healthy for all humans you know why? Because it is innate, it is part of the human nature. However not everyone has the will to do what it takes to become great because greatness comes at a price. The price for greatness is paid in Time; Focus, Discipline; Delayed Gratification, Consistency; commitment  and Determination to never give up.


So you, yes you, why does no one know who you are yet? Is it because of time? Because you're working in the shadows for the future you foresee or are you unwilling to pay the price, waiting for it to happen by chance? Think about it today and decide which path you're on and what next steps you need to take.


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