Phenomenal today

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What do you want to be remembered for?


Every day we live and every choice we make is a legacy we're building. You don't have to wait until everything falls in place before you start thinking about your legacy because everything you do is building up to that.


There is a problem that you have the skills to solve and unless you pay attention and do a lot of soul searching, you might never come up with that groundbreaking idea that will set you apart. Problem-solving and tactical thinking are all important behavioral skills that we need to build a business or a career. It is okay to relax and do nothing if you want to remain a nonentity or a below-average person, but for those who want to create something that will outlive them, then there is a lot of work that needs to be done.


Wake up every morning with the thought of what you want to be remembered for, let those thoughts keep you awake and make you restless until you find something that is bigger than you and scares you, something that makes you take every chance you get even if it appears risky.


In closing, here are some lines from the legendary King of Pop; Michael Jackson's song "History"


"Every day create your history, every choice you make, you're leaving your legacy. "


Today, choose to make history by making the choice to take a chance at that big idea you've been nursing. Develop your human capital by improving your global/behavioral skills.


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