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self investment
Self Investment
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Self Investment

When we hear people talk about investment, most of us conclude it is all about stocks, real estate, treasury bills, and the likes. Well not like those are out of the equation but that is not all about investment. Far from what we might think it is, it is investing in you.

Self-investment is not only for entrepreneurs, as a 9-5 worker, you also need to invest in yourself to bring your best to tasks apportioned to you. We all invest in the people and things that surround us. When you go out with your friends, you are investing in your relationship with them. Whether you spend your time posting on social media or playing video games, you are investing.

For many people, their biggest investment comes from putting their best efforts into their jobs and investing in their employers. They invest huge amounts of time and money building connections and recognition within their companies.

With so many ways to spend and even waste time today, it is no surprise that many would-be entrepreneurs or professionals don’t make enough of an investment in themselves.

According to Forbes, Investing in yourself means believing that you are capable of more than what you're currently doing for your job or employer. No amount of knowledge should be enough for you. Spend your time doing things to learn, grow and create value.

A good way to invest in yourself is to develop your skills. Improving your skills does not always mean investing in higher education, though that is surely an option and perhaps a necessary one depending on your career field. Investing in your knowledge and skills can take many forms.

Investing in you also involves extra classes, advanced degrees, and relevant certifications are all valuable investments. As an organization that is concerned with promoting human capital development, we advise you to take classes, either in person or online. We offer different online and offline courses that will help you to break free from your limits. If you are interested in getting ahead in your career this may be a great place to start to invest in yourself as extra skills will open more doors. Set goals around your education and start investing time in your research.

Enroll in workshops, attend conferences, or participate in Webinars. Many of these are near-free and completely free for participants, so take advantage of them as often as possible. To invest in yourself, read books, peruse articles.

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Another way to stay informed is to stay up-to-date on the latest trends or advancements. Subscribe to publications, read blogs of experts, and follow the latest news. This is why your decision to read our publications always, is not a bad idea. It has always been our duty to feed you with information that will help improve your human capital.

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Source- Forbes

Written by Tabitha Ipemida


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