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Recently in our discussions at the EBS, we have spent a lot of time discussing work collaboration and why entrepreneurs should start considering local and global partnerships. Let’s, therefore, talk a little about partnership, especially about its benefit to a country or an organization.

According to Byjus, the learning app, a partnership is a kind of business where, a formal agreement between two or more people is made to agree to be the co-owners, distribute responsibilities for running an organization and share the income or losses that the business generates.

Among others, one major importance of partnership is the availability of a wide range of knowledge, skills, experience, and talents from different partners. Partnerships allow you to grow and learn from differing perspectives. All the different knowledge would be put into use to further build your brand and business in the future. A partnership can be crucial to the growth of any business venture. Successful entrepreneurs from time immemorial have made use of the principle of strategic partnerships to conduct their businesses.

Professor Magnus Kpakol, the founder of Phenomenal used the story of Adam and Eve to portray the importance and the reason for partnerships. According to his analysis, Adam was given the task to subdue the earth but it looked too enormous for him to handle, even though he never mentioned that he needed a partner. It was too obvious that for him to succeed, he needed a helpmate. Adam needed a helpmate to accomplish the task of subduing the earth. Most big tasks typically require well-designed partnerships or collaboration.

Still in his discussion, Professor Kpakol contended that always and everywhere, partnerships create more productive ability. He went further to say that,

“All partnerships must always have the following features; demand and supply, open communication, mutual contribution, measurable results, mutual benefits, dependability, accessibility, binding rules, and an impartial arbiter”.

This means that with all these in place, there should be a successful partnership which should lead to growth and development. He also added the fact that all good partnerships involve some sort of sacrifice. Eve has to sacrifice her independence by becoming submissive to Adam. To succeed in a partnership you may also have to sacrifice something.

According to Steve Jobs, ‘Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.’ So if you want to do great things, seek a partnership, even a global partnership. You also have to learn to be strategic about selecting or choosing partners.

As an organization, we’re concerned about your growth, this is why we have set up a platform where tips on how to start successful partnerships, even global partnerships are shared. This platform will be anchored by Phenomenal founder, Professor Magnus Kpakol. Join Prof. Magnus Kpakol in the Phenomenal Arena for success tips and discussions on career development, global partnerships, investments, increased productivity, economic competitiveness, wellness, etc. All are designed for people who are ready to learn more, grow, and become the best they can be and ready for global partnerships.

So hurry now and register to be on top of your game because a global partnership is what you may need if you want to play and chill with the big boys.


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