What Phenomenal is About


Phenomenal is a social network, platform and Club for promoting human capital appreciation and development across the world. Increasing levels of human capital creates more opportunity for advancing global friendships and sharing skills. Human Capital gives people the ability to create. People with larger stocks of Human Capital create more goods and services than those with limited levels. Increases in human capital stock lead to rising levels of income and consumption and therefore increased productivity.

As we now know, poor societies and communities  suffer from severe human capital deficiency and consequently lag the world in most areas of human development and economic progress. Even rich societies, communities and persons want to continue to raise their stock of human capital in order to stay economically competitive, globally.

Human Capital Development, Defined

To us, human capital development is the process of boosting the stock of knowledge and promoting improvements in wellness, attitudes, behavior, skills and productivity for the creation of economic value, rising levels of income and therefore higher levels of living.

Economic value is a measure of the benefits provided by a good or service to an economic agent. Economic value is therefore really about the amount of money or income that can be generated from an activity or can be expected to be paid for a resource. A rise in value leads to an increase in the quality of life.

Phenomenal recognizes that human capital is the most important factor that leads to wealth creation, higher incomes, rising wellbeing, economic development and global competitiveness. Our starting point is the person and his or her mind, realizing that investments in people are the most rewarding of all investments.

Our Phenomenal web application is the primary platform for all the world to share in our aim to deploy or showcase our skills and develop a culture to keep learning from new ideas.

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