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Welcome to Phenomenal Human Capital Development (HCD). We are pleased you have chosen to join our platform aimed at promoting human capital development. With us, your world is going to change. Your time to rise has come. Enter a new space of unlimited opportunities. 

Phenomenal-HCD promotes knowledge, technical solutions and income growth. The Phenomenal web application is our primary arena for promoting human capital development activities. It is a platform to promote a culture of human capital development by sharing ideas among persons,  organizations, communities and throughout society. 

Human Capital, Defined
Phenomenal-HCD defines human capital as the stock of knowledge, habits, wellness, attitude and other personal attributes, especially creativity, innovation, skills and the ability to produce economic value. Therefore human capital is the most important element for increased productivity, rising wellbeing, personal income growth, economic development and global competitiveness.

Elements of Human Capital
For us what constitutes human capital can be seen in four broad categories - (1) Knowledge, (2) Wellness, (3) Behavior and (4) Productivity. And these are explained as follows:

Knowledge includes education, training, information, and skills acquisition. 
Wellness includes health care, nutrition, mental and physical exercise and other activities that promote general physical and mental wellbeing. 
Behavior refers to habits, attitude, values, discipline, aptitude and emotional intelligence all packed in one’s cognition, actions, and emotions. 
Productivity for a person is the rate of output per unit in light of available skills, creativity, innovation and efficiency in the creation of economic value. 

Our starting point is the person and his or her mind. We believe that you will consider our club to be indispensable for personal advancement, upward social mobility and economic progress. Our program is rich and compelling, as it is revolutionary and innovative.

The process of developing human capital requires not only education and on the job training but also involves creating the necessary environment in which people can build skills, improve knowledge, apply innovative ideas, acquire new competencies, sustain wellness and develop attitudes and aptitude for rising personal and social prosperity. 

Phenomenal Club
Our Club prepares members to be achievers that pursue excellence in education, knowledge, training, wellness, behavior, innovation, creativity and productivity for the creation of economic value. 

Our members gain access to an incredible opportunity for global partnerships, personal income growth and a networking platform that showcases success and value creation through education, knowledge, Health, Wellness, Behavior, Skills and Productivity. Our platform also provides technical solutions to many of the challenges that people face in their daily lives while aiming to transform the world.

Create Your Page and Your Space
Create you own space and promote your contribution to human capital development. On our platform you will have access to other people that are also Phenomenal in what they do. 

About our Organization
Phenomenal-HCD is a product of Economic and Business Strategies (EBS) Limited in partnership with Economic Growth and Development Center (EGDC). EBS is a knowledge driven company that develops and provides competitive economic solutions and strategies for public and private organizations. It is primarily committed to building approaches for promoting human capital development, productivity, sustainable economic growth & development and global competitiveness. We support clients in the public and private sectors, and have professionals who understand the dynamics and complexities of human and organizational behavior, today’s global market place, business trends and general political economy. 

Join our Phenomenal platform and club today and help us promote a culture of human capital development.

Our Phenomenal Meetings, Seminars and Conference
Attend our Phenomenal meetings, seminars and conferences. Get first hand and up-to-date information from our experts, coaches and professionals. We will give you information to help drive your personal growth in a way that is globally outstanding. 

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